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What Should You Expect?

As an expression of the Church In Toronto, we strive to be representative of the multicultural city we live in. Therefore when you are with us it is not uncommon to see local born Canadians sitting beside recent or long-time immigrants. And why not? After all, that is the Toronto we live and work in. We believe that all God's people can worship and serve Him together.

Our Christian community is composed of people from a wide range of ages. In our Sunday morning service we are blessed to have young people in their teens, college and university students, middle-aged parents, grandparents, and we are delighted to have a few great-grandparents. We truly believe that God bridges every generation gap.

In our church meetings many people participate. Some might pray or declare some praise to God publicly. Others might stand to tell of how God has moved in their lives recently. But, you should never feel pressured, thinking this is what is expected of all. We are happy to say that we have members who do not pray or praise or testify publicly, and are very vital members of our church community. So come as you are. Enjoy. Sit back and relax, and feel free to proceed at your own pace.


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