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Two Kinds of Water

I enjoyed the matter about 'speech' during the church High School Summer School meetings. A paragraph I read stood out to me. It was entitled 'Two kinds of Water'.


I tried to learn how to swear to gain popularity
I wanted to be popular in school, so I tried to learn how to swear. But, whenever I swore, I didn't feel comfortable ?and people would have a funny look on their faces.

It didn't sound cool coming from me

Once a girl came up to me and said that it sounded funny coming out from me. When she said that, I got confused. How could it sound 'cool' coming out of them and sound funny coming out from me?

A person cannot use the same mouth to swear and to praise God

In the meetings I learned that a person cannot use the same mouth to swear and to praise God. This is where the title 'Two Kinds of Water' comes in. God and swearing are opposites because God is love and swearing is offensive.

In a cup of sweet water there is no bitterness and in a cup of bitter water there is no sweetness. Through the meetings I knew that God is in me pouring in the sweet water and draining the bitter water away little by little.

Does the spring,
out of the same opening,
gush forth
the sweet and the bitter?

                            ? James 3:11

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