What We Offer

Family Service
Sheppard Hall location
Sunday, 11:00 am ~ Noon
   Lively singing
   Relevant Bible message
   Children's program
Sunday, 10:30~11:00am
   Coffee, tea and snacks
   (Join us in the dining room)

Sunday, 10:00 ~ 10:30am
   Lord's Table Communion


What Should You Expect?

As an expression of the Church In Toronto, we strive to be representative of the multicultural city we live in. Therefore when you are with us it is not uncommon to see local born Canadians sitting beside recent or long-time immigrants. More...

Cell Groups & Bible Study

Cell groups
Women's Tea & Bible Study

The Living Universe
Scientific Evidence of God's Design

This excellent essay outlines four main points from cosmology that give evidence of a Divine Designer. Ten prominent scientists (including Stephen Hawking, Robert Jastrow, and Paul Davies) are quoted and some of their findings are discussed. More...

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